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Free Australian Travel Magazines are an Excellent Way to Learn about Australian Travel Destinations


Free Australian travel magazines are a wonderful way for travelers to learn more about this remote country before booking a trip to one of the worlds most captivating travel destinations. With fewer people, but a land mass almost the same as the United States; Australia is the only country that covers an entire continent. People from all around the world read free Australian travel magazines to learn about this fascinating country and popular tourist attractions such as:

• The Great Barrier Reef – Made up of more than twenty-eight hundred reefs, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world and a world heritage site. The area is abundant with wildlife such as dolphins, fifteen hundred varieties of fish, coral, mollusk, whales, birds and even the endangered large green turtles. Over two million tourists visit this area annually due to its rare, fascinating varieties of mammals and other wildlife species.

• The Uluru or Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone structure that is approximately one mile wide and a mile and a half long. For the Aboriginal tribes, Ayers Rock is a sacred site with great spiritual meaning. Often mentioned in free Australian travel magazines because of its popularity, thousands of tourists climb Uluru annually.

• Blue Mountains – Sydney’s wilderness getaway, the Blue Mountains offer tourists a magnificent natural habitat and fabulous scenery with a large array of things to do and see. For people that enjoy the great outdoors, there is hiking, bush-walks, mountain climbing, other trekking adventures. The Blue Mountains name comes from the extremely fine oily mist that eucalyptuses give off resulting in a blue haze.

For people wanting to find hiking tours, many of the free Australian travel magazines have information on the most popular or even most remote areas to go trekking or climbing in Australia. There are also free Australian travel magazines that describe the captivating scenery, glistening oceans and rivers, wonderful sandy beaches, unique wildlife and more, for visitors to enjoy. Reading about exploring Australia’s historic towns, touring, sightseeing, visiting wineries, shopping, food and architecture, along with the wonderful photography found in free Australian travel magazines will have people packing and booking their trip in no time. Along with information on fabulous tourist attractions, free Australian travel magazines offer great deals and advice on airfare, accommodations, travel tips, currency and sightseeing. There is also advice for people traveling on a budget and others that prefer to travel first class and stay in the luxurious five star hotels in Australia. A convenient, easy way to find free Australian travel magazines is on the internet.