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Cars Of The Future- Automotive Trade Magazines Keep You Informed


No one yet knows what the car of the future will be. They just know that the old gas-guzzling model is on its way out. Consumers are tired of the high cost and the smog; environmentalists and world leaders are frightened of the way those gases contribute to global warming.

Automotive trade magazines could fill volumes just with the new developments, and many of them do. Automotive trade magazines are written for the people who make a living taking care of and selling cars. The first person that gets in on the ground floor of the revolution in automobiles is going to make a killing.

Of course, some topics covered by automotive trade magazines will remain the same. The overall design won’t change much, leaving the spare parts markets still in business. But the change in power source will separate the world of today from the world of tomorrow.

Electric cars

Many automotive trade magazines are already covering this issue, even though an electric car hasn’t yet broken through to the mainstream public. So far they seem like the simplest solution, and one that’s gotten the most attention.

It’s also the idea with the most potential to reshape the world. So far electric cars have one big drawback, in that the battery doesn’t last long enough for extended trips. As a result, some innovators have begun planning for future where smaller, self-contained communities make long commutes a thing of the past. Instead, those electric cars will be serviced throughout the day a numerous stations, all of which require automotive experience. From there, batteries can either be charged, or changed completely.

It’s no wonder that automotive trade magazines have covered this issue as much as they have. But that vision of the future changes daily, as newer batteries expand the possibilities of what an electric car can do.

Natural gas cars

Most natural gas is used in processing petroleum. If there were less petroleum production, that natural gas could instead be used to power cars that give off less greenhouse gases than conventional automobiles.

The models are already on the road, and showing some promise. The question is whether the country can actually lower its petroleum production in the first place.

Diesel Vehicles

Imagine a car that gets 65 miles to the gallon. Those vehicles are on the road today, and making their debut in European markets. It will be some time before the North American markets catch up however, as the continent doesn’t yet have the infrastructure in place to refuel a diesel car.

If this car does make its way across the pond, there’s no doubt that diesel experts will be in huge demand. Huge differences exist between diesel and gas engines in large trucks and buses. Why wouldn’t it be the same for cars?