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Brewery And Micro Brews Benefit From Beer Trade Magazines


It’s a strange world for many breweries. On one hand, these small businesses stay local, and are well-known to the local and niche markets that patronize them. On the other hand, loosening trade regulations mean that they now compete with international beers like never before.

Small brewery and micro brew owners read beer trade magazines, which give them an edge in this strange new world. These owners can either settle for the region markets like they have in the past, or they can take advantage of new circumstances. With the growth of the Internet, it now becomes much easier for these owners to reach a wider audience than ever before.

International beer markets are becoming more crowded than ever, and countries with a much longer history of brewing are entering the fray. It will take much for small breweries to profit in this competitive market.

Pockets of Influence

However, many breweries cannot leave too far beyond their home state. The state industry regulates commerce within the state, but any brewery that wants to ship outside its home state must contend with a whole new set of burdensome regulations. Brewery and micro brews know from beer trade magazines that only the higher-income businesses can afford the hassle of dealing with the greatly increased oversight.

As a result, mainstream brands clutter the national beer market, and steal attention from smaller brewers. These large companies can afford the extra costs due to economies of scale, but their quality is hardly the best.

Brewery and micro brew enthusiasts know that beer trade magazines sometimes place these smaller breweries far ahead of the larger competitors. But there’s little chance of these diamonds in the rough ever reaching the wider market unless they change their tactics. Until then, the only way a beer connoisseur can reach they is by visiting their home state and personally sampling their product on site.

Win Contests, Win Customers

Passionate students of micro brewing say that awards don’t matter, that the only thing that really matters is making high-quality beer. Such brew snobs turn their noses at competitions, which they believe cater to undeveloped palates.

Businesses should know better. Winning even a small award can bring the brief recognition that snowballs to better things. Brewery and micro brew owners check beer trade magazines for such contest, and enter frequently as their time and finances allow. This is the one place where the multi-million dollar ad campaign of the major supplier mean nothing. Small companies can beat the big boys, and often do.

This complicated world means that brewery owners and micro brews need beer trade magazines more than ever.

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