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As An Art Form Grows, So Do Online Graffiti Magazines


Graffiti was once considered a crime, not an art form. Mention it today, and people still think of misdemeanors, clean-up efforts and meddlesome juveniles. With its long and checkered past, it took awhile for it to gain some respect.

Online graffiti magazines and other art journals will point out the fallacies in that line of thinking, however. Graffiti is an art form that dates back to the prehistoric man, is found in Roman coliseums, and provides a powerful insight into modern urban life. Graffiti artists today now get the kind of respect their predecessors didn’t, and some art houses even have showings of graffiti art.

However, online graffiti magazines are likely the best place to keep abreast of this controversial art scene. Print magazines have huge overhead costs, and only a big audience can pay for them. That big audience is nowhere to be found with an art form most people cannot appreciate. Online graffiti magazines have a lower overhead, and are free to display this cutting-edge art form.

How the government treats it

For most of modern history, governments have taken hard stances against graffiti. They argue that graffiti amounts to vandalism, and encourages an atmosphere that quickly leads to urban decay. Numerous artists have written oppositions to this theory, most notably in online graffiti magazines. In the meantime, few people have access to that viewpoint.

In response, some cities have created government-sanctioned free zones, where artists are welcome to create murals. This has lead to more exposure for graffiti art; such murals receive attention not only from online graffiti magazines, but from mainstream publications as well.

Alas, there’s only so much room available on these murals. Many magazines won’t print anything on an unsanctioned building, fearing that they would face accusations of publicizing a misdemeanor. Online graffiti journals have no such reputation to maintain. They write for an audience that’s willing to explore the boundaries of art.

You can’t say that, can you?

Another reason that graffiti art is often suppressed has a lot to do with politics. As long as there have been governments, graffiti art has emerged that questions the government and society’s prevailing theories.

The political message would likely distract the average newspaper or magazine reader to the point where they think about nothing else. If the graffiti conveys a message they disagree with, they’ll have a hard time getting past that to the point where they can appreciate the beauty of graffiti art. But then again, online graffiti magazines are written for an audience that knows how to appreciate them.

Online graffiti magazines don’t concern themselves with the question of whether graffiti is art. They already know it is, and want to show you some of the breaking new trends. And if you want to learn more about graffiti art, that’s the best place to start.