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´╗┐Why Readers are Preferring Newspapers Online


Newspapers have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be around for another hundreds of years. What may change is the version you'll be reading your favorite newspaper. Newspapers online are quickly taking over the reading population as more and more readers are choosing newspapers online as opposed to reading a hard copy. Why is the preference turning towards newspapers online?

Many people are asking this question, but the answer is relatively simple. The internet is the wave of the future. Ten to fifteen years ago, only a few lucky individuals owned computers and only a small percentage of them had internet access. By the year 2000, 51% of households had computers and of that amount, 40% of them had internet access. Today those figures and percentages are even higher with over 75% owning computers and almost all of them being on the internet.

Whereas at one time email was the main reason for internet access, today people are "surfing" the web for almost everything. Reading their favorite newspapers online is something that many are doing on a daily basis. Most newspapers online offer free services as opposed to paying for a subscription that sometimes is used regularly and sometimes not. How often have you read a newspaper and found something interesting only to discover when you want to show the article to another individual you can no longer find the newspaper or it's been tossed in the trash already. This is another reason why many are choosing newspapers online.

With the great archives that many newspapers offer, it's much easier to go online to the newspaper's website and retrieve the day you're looking for and the article. With so many hours being spent on the internet anyways, it's just much simpler to read your favorite news article online. Late-breaking news is another major reason why millions are choosing newspapers online. When you hear about some major world or local event, you don't want to have to wait for tomorrow's edition of your newspaper to be able to read all about it when you can just go online and read about it as it's happening.

Newspapers online are available for almost all major newspapers today. The reason for this is to continue getting the interest of the readers. Subscription rates for hard copy editions are dropping every year because of newspapers online so the newspapers are choosing to keep the interest of their readers by offering their online version. Many newspaper companies are beginning to charge for the right to read their entire newspaper online as a way to get back some of their losses from the declining subscriptions.

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