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´╗┐The History Behind the British Newspapers


British Newspapers have been around for hundreds of years, with the first British newspaper being printed in the early 1600s by Joris Veseler. It was printed in Amsterdam due to the law that was imposed in the 17th century controlling the right to print. When the English began printing their own newspapers in London, their style was that like a pamphlet, similar to their books. They continued with this style until 1641 when the Oxford Gazette began publication. The Civil War brought on the need for British newspapers so more news pamphlets or papers went into publication.

In time, British newspapers became very popular and by 1720, London had 24 provincial papers and 12 London newspapers. The first London newspaper was the Daily Courant, followed by the Public Advertiser, an 18th century newspaper developed by Henry Woodfall. British newspapers flourished after this with over 150 newspapers in the early 19th century, 52 of them just in London alone. The need for news became very strong during this time period and British newspapers were often used as a source of political interests and biases. In 1821, a few non-conformist businessmen started the Manchester Guardian and Charles Prestwich Scott made it so popular it became the most famous newspaper in the world in the late 1800s. Today this paper is published in London and called just The Guardian.

Today there are dozens of British newspapers still in circulation. The Times and the Sunday Times (sister newspapers) are two British newspapers that are still in circulation and going very strong in publication. The Times is a daily newspaper that's read by all political parties. The Times from Britain is the original newspaper of that name and all other newspapers around the world with the world "Times" in their name have taken their name from this paper, which is why outside of the area it is called the London Times.

In an attempt to attract young readers, they recently changed their size to a smaller compact size. This new compact size also made it much easier to read in small cafes and on the subway. The London Times consists of the first half containing news and the rest including a Comment section, world news, business pages, Court news, Society page and obituaries and sports. Their infamous Crossword puzzle can always be found on the back page.

Some of the other popular and well-known British newspapers include Express, The Morning Star, London News, Sunday Mirror, Star, Telegraph, EuropeDaily, Evening Standard, Independent and there are many more. The Independent also has switched to the more convenient compact size. There are many varieties of British newspapers from tabloids and daily pamphlets to weekly subscriptions. Basically, they carry British newspapers for almost any interest category.

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