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US Newspapers for the Total Coverage of World and Local Events


Newspapers have been around for many years; in fact, they go way back to when they were inscribed in whatever could be found and hung in public places for all to see. Through the years, the concept of newspapers has changed to the unique and familiar format we've all grown accustomed to from our association with US newspapers. US newspapers are exactly what their name states. They're newspapers from all over the United States and offer coverage in every state as well as hundreds of individual cities within these states.

Some US newspapers have been around so long that they've made a name for them all over the world and are sold and purchased throughout the country. Although there are hundreds of very informative and interesting US newspapers all over the country, some stand out as being more highly rated than others. The top ten most popular US newspapers include:

• Wall Street Journal
• USA Today
• New York Times
• Los Angeles Times
• Washington Post
• New York Daily News
• Chicago Tribune
• Newsday
• Houston Chronicle
• Dallas Morning News

The Wall Street Journal is an international daily newspaper that is primarily for business news as it covers international and U.S. business and financial news. Evidence of this is its location or origin, which is Wall Street, the financial heart of New York City. Published by Dow Jones & Company, the Wall Street Journal is the second largest circulation newspaper in the United States, second only to USA Today.

The USA Today is a daily newspaper that runs Monday through Friday and is a newspaper with the largest circulation in the United States. It's known for its variety of interesting items as well as its colorful pages.

New York Times is a daily newspaper that is distribute internationally although it's published in New York City. The New York Times is known for its prim and sedate manner, which has earned the Times the name, "The Gray Lady". In spite of this, the New York Times has won more Pulitzer Prize Awards than any other US newspapers-98 at last count.

Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper in Los Angeles and is also referred to as the LA Times. It's the second largest metro newspaper in the U.S. as well as being the fourth largest in distribution. They also have a 24-hour news website online. The Los Angeles Times has one 37 Pulitzer Prizes as well as several other prestigious awards.

The Washington Post is one of Washington D.C.'s oldest US newspapers as well as being the biggest and most circulated paper in the D.C. area. It's been around since its start in 1877 and puts special emphasis on international affairs and national politics. It's formatted like a broadsheet with colored and black and white pictures. The different daily sections include national and international news, editorials, opinions, politics, local Metro news, business, sports, style and classified with the addition of Bookworld, Style & Arts, Travel, Comics, TV Week and Washington Post Magazine in the Sunday edition.