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Although all over the world you may find newspapers, USA is known for having some of the best and most popular newspapers offering a wide array of options for its readers and subscribers. One of the very popular newspapers, USA Today is enjoyed by readers of all ages. As one of the national American daily newspapers, USA today has the widest circulation in the United States. It comes in second place throughout the world in the English language broadsheets category. USA today can be found in Guam as well as 50 of the states.

USA Today has been around since it was started in 1982. Although, by this time, there were many U.S. newspapers, USA was started with the goal of providing a national newspaper in regions of the U.S. market that previously had only single local newspapers. USA Today became popular almost instantly, if not for its colorful papers- contrast to the other newspapers than for its interesting topics and polls. In fact, it was their national polls on public issues that made them so well known. Their editorial column's section, entitled "Our View/Opposing View" gives the readers the opinion of the editor as well as the opposing views of some individual or group.

When it was first launched, it was criticized by many because of its colorful pages, getting the nickname "McPaper" but eventually the public came to not only acknowledge this quality but enjoy it as well. Colored pages were not the only thing that set this paper apart from other newspapers. USA today can still be found in newspaper vending machines and on newsstands with the edges curved to give the resemblance of a television set. USA Today was one of the first newspapers to be distributed throughout the country via satellite transmission. Their motto, The Nation's Newspaper-#1 in the USA can still be seen on the top and bottom of this paper.

Unlike many of the other newspapers, USA Today is known for it's easy to read and comprehend news articles and stories. It's made up of four sections: News, Money, Sports and Life, except for Fridays when you can find two Life sections. USA Today is not published on Saturdays and Sundays. Each section of the newspaper is a different color to go with a certain letter. News is the blue section A, Money is the green section B, red is Sports section C and Life is the purple section D. Bonus sections are orange and found in section E.

USA Today devotes an entire page on the back of the News section to a map of the United States showing the weather everywhere. The reasoning for this is because USA Today is a national newspaper and can't devote itself to one particular city.