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´╗┐New York Newspapers Offer the Latest News For All Readers


New York is a large state with lots of news and events going on daily so it's not surprising that you'll find many New York Newspapers covering the state and many other regions of the country. New York newspapers are so popular and well-known that they are distributed throughout the world by readers wanting the best they can get in news.

The New York Times is the most popular of the New York newspapers and is published daily and internationally distributed. Although it has a reputation for having a very staid and dreary appearance, it's still referred to as the national newspaper of record. Its 98 Pulitzer Prizes are evidence of its great ability to please and stimulate the public. The format of the New York Times consists of three sections: News, Opinions and Features. In addition to the hard copy, their online website is one of the most popular.

Another very popular of the New York newspapers is the New York Daily News, which is a daily newspaper that's rated fifth in terms of distribution in the United States. The first daily New York Daily News was printed in 1919 and, since then, has won 10 Pulitzer Prizes. The New York Daily News has made it a habit of having some very prestigious contributors as a means of its constant competition with the Post. The "Voice of the People" letters is a method this paper has used to keep the readers of the city happy.

The New York Post is another of the daily New York newspapers that's kept readers coming back for years. Not only is it the 13th oldest newspaper in the U.S. but also one of the top ten largest. Although it has the typical sections you'd expect to see in newspapers, what the New York Post readers look forward to the most is their excellent comprehensive sports section as well as their gossip columnists.

The Buffalo News is one of the New York newspapers used in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding suburbs. The Buffalo News is actually the major newspaper in Buffalo. It was started by Edward H. Butler in 1873 as a Sunday edition but began as a daily newspaper a few years later, with the exception of Sundays and remained that way until 1977. Originally this newspaper was called The Buffalo Evening News.

The Democrat and Chronicle is a daily newspaper that's widely circulated in the New York and Rochester area. Although the building is located in Rochester, it's production facility is in the town of Greece. The Democrat and Chronicle is delivered to over 1,000 news racks, 1,300 retail stores and over 170,000 homes.

Other popular New York Newspapers include Daily Gazette, Observer-Dispatch, The Record, Press & Sun-Bulletin, Post Journal and many more.