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´╗┐Online Newspapers-The Wave of the Future


Newspapers have been around for hundreds of years or more. From as far back as when people knew how to write and had something to write on, they made their own forms of newspapers. Through the years, with the advancing technology behind the publishing business, newspapers have advanced to the stage we're at today. We now have columns, photos, colored pages, inserts, etc. Millions of people subscribe to newspapers, whether they're daily, weekly or national newspapers. The newest advancement in the newspaper industry is online newspapers.

Online newspapers didn't start at the onset of the internet, but it didn't take long for them to develop and take off in popularity. Another name for online newspapers are web newspapers. Online newspapers are newspapers that are on the internet either independently or as the online version of a hard copy newspaper.

There are some distinct advantages to having online newspapers. It gives newspaper the opportunity to compete with broadcast journalism because breaking news can be entered online as soon as it happens. Although online newspapers have hurt the newspaper business, it has also helped them as well. The subscriptions to newspapers have decreased a lot since the start of online newspapers. People aren't so willing to pay a price for newspapers when they can easily go online and read about the latest news. However, most all newspaper companies have an online version of their paper as well as a hard copy. By keeping their paper online with all the latest news, they're still being competitive as well as saving a lot of the cost of printing and publishing.

Online newspapers are very similar to hard copy newspapers, except for the late-breaking news being available much quicker online. Online newspapers have the same legal issues to follow as hard copy newspapers such as privacy laws, libel and copyright laws. Although there were some issues regarding blogs and forum sites and their similarities to online articles. Some publishers felt that the same liability was not present in blogs as in hard copy newspapers, specifically in the U.K. However, in 2007, a law was passed that stated that the laws and regulations were the same and the publishers had to state what was online content and what wasn't online content.

Although most newspapers also have online newspapers, each company does not handle them the same. Some companies make their online newspapers almost identical to their hard copies, with advertisements, classified, etc. Other companies, however, make their online newspapers completely independent of their hard copy paper. Very few newspapers make money off their online division because most of them are free. Some companies are charging subscription rates to view their paper online to make up for the revenue they're losing by their decreasing subscription rates on their hard copy. At some point, we may have to pay for all online newspapers, but in the meantime, we're enjoying their services immensely.

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