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Finding the Best Florida Newspapers Can Help Your Vacation


Florida is a state filled with many exciting cities. Along with the beautiful year-round weather, Florida is known for the many tourist attractions. This state brings thousands of new residents and tourists into many of their most popular cities. Whether you're living in Florida or just visiting the area, you'll want to be apprised of the many events going on in this sunny state. The best way to learn all about Florida and the city you're interested in is by reading one of the many Florida newspapers. Regardless of which major city you're in, you'll find numerous Florida newspapers covering that area.

If you have a fun-filled day planned somewhere, you'll want to check the forecast for the weather, which will be found in any of the major Florida newspapers you check. If you're not sure of which activity you want, perhaps available coupons in one of the Florida newspapers can help you decide. Coupons, weather forecasts, travel advice, late-breaking news, classifieds, sports are a few of the many interesting things you'll find while browsing through the Florida newspapers.
Some of the Florida newspapers available under the major metro newspapers section along with their city location include:

• Sun-Sentinel- Fort Lauderdale
• Florida Times-Jacksonville
• Jacksonville City Guide-Jacksonville
• Miami City Guide-Miami
• Herald-Miami
• Sentinel-Orlando
• Orlando City Guide-Orlando
• Times-St. Petersburg
• Tribune-Tampa
• Tampa City Guide-Tampa
• West Palm Beach City Guide-West Palm Beach
• Palm Beach Post-West Palm Beach

You'll find there are quite a few different Florida newspapers including daily newspapers, non-daily newspapers, business, alternative, campus, promotional and specialty. There are over 125 different regions in Florida that carry newspapers, with many of these regions having numerous newspapers covering that city. For instance, Miami offers you 14 different newspapers so you'll never be at a loss for information on this popular city. The Miami City Guide is a very helpful and informative newspaper that's chosen by both tourists and residents. An online version, will tell visitors everything they want to know about Miami including weather, events, political news, travel news, classified as well as sections telling all about Miami.

Orlando is another city in Florida that offers numerous major newspapers, eight at the last count. The Orlando Sentinel offers you an online and hard copy newspaper. In addition to the traditional news articles, you'll find traffic information e.g. road conditions, shopping deals, great dining ideas, weather, political news, entertainment and more. You can always count on getting all the late-breaking news in Orlando on their online version.

Whether you choose to sign up for a hard copy subscription delivered right to your door or wish to go online to their website, you'll find the many available Florida newspapers will always keep you on top of things.

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