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The newest in technology is the pocket PC computer. The first computers were giant mainframes used primarily in the military. The original Star Trek Series with Captain James T. Kirk showed this use of these machines upon his ship, the Enterprise. Gradually the machines downsized to fit business needs in the everyday marketplace. There were the desk size models that might still be cumbersome, the laptop models which were smaller and streamlined and the calendar sized models.

Now we have graduated to the Pocket PC, so small it can fit in your hand or your pocket. The actual name of these tiny computers is Digit assistant and the hardware application that it uses is the Pocket PC. The Pocket PC is a Microsoft hardware device, but may run with other operations systems such as NetBSD, and Linux. The pocket PC has many functions of the desktop computer. These little computers often come with a phone attached, and some have cameras and more.

There are thousands of handheld models out there that are compatible with the Microsoft operating system requirement. To keep up with all the latest in technology for these little gems it would be prudent to keep up with the pocket PC magazines. You will no doubt find good and useful information in regular computer magazines, but there are specific Pocket PC magazines out there, so why not use them.

When you are looking for pocket PC magazines, the only name you will see from a google search is the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, this is the pocket PC magazines users magazine of choice.

When you subscribe to Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine or read it online, you will know that you are getting the most current information on pocket pc’s. The magazine and website is filled with excellent articles by experts who keep on the edge of technology informing you of all that is new and exciting in the pocket PC world. You will not only be informed of what is new and when each product will be released but you will also find out where to get the best deals and what is free from the industry as well.

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine just recently was given a preview of the product lines in the Consumer Electronics Las Vegas Show. An honor fit for the magazine coverage required by the manufacturers of these fine products.

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine offers help with how to articles, to get the average consumer on the way to a better pocket PC experience. Ipod information is available at the website as well.

A very exciting feature of this great magazine, is that Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine does the judging for best software awards. You can visit the site to understand a little more about how the process works, who can apply as a judge, and the results of the judging.

There is no better than Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine for pocket pc magazines than this leader in the industry.

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