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A Comparison Between Large and Small Magazines and E zines


Magazines and e zines have become the dominating force in print and Internet form. The traditional form of course was magazines; and e zines have now surfaced onto the scene within the last few decades. The major difference between the two in terms of style and form, is that we know the printed form of magazines; and e zines we know to be electronic magazines, hence the suffix zines.

Both magazines and e zines can be paid or free publications. Usually print magazines are affiliated with major websites. These large publications promote their print version, solicit online subscriptions for them, and offer a free Internet version (e-zine) as well. However some lesser known e-zines do not have advertisers and large financial backing; they are small publications. They do not have the publishing industry giants like Conde Nast publications or Time Warner behind them.

Many of the e-zines online, are small publications distributed by a single person with a single focus to circulate his or her musings to a small group of people who would like to read them. The e-zine starts out perhaps with a group of friends that share emails back and forth, and then expands to a bigger membership list that requires a mail host server to distribute the size of the list. The size of the mailing list can be as little as 5 or 6 and can be in excess of 10,000 members. However e-zines still lack the large numbers that bona fide traditional magazines can bring in. There are no publications known to date that has a million subscribers or more.

To help with distribution and marketing, small magazines and e zines owners often affiliate with the larger mail servers for more than just distributing their newsletters, magazines and e zines. They also benefit from the marketing potential that large companies can offer. Some magazines and e zines are so small they do not have or can afford their own website.

There are free websites like, and that small time publishers can use. However the attraction of this service is the personal emailed issues and notifications sent daily, weekly, monthly or whichever time frame is favorable for the magazines and e-zines publishers and editors.

These mailing host companies usually provide a certain amount of website space along with distributing the magazines and e zines or newsletters. The web space is used to archive e zine editions.

A few of the free email hosting limited space website access are:,, and These services provide thousands of small blogs, newsletters, online magazines and e zines with web space, some level of marketing, and full email distribution. Each of these hosts has a directory where an interested patron can search for the type of publication that meets their needs. For example there are quotes and inspirational publications, daily jokes, current affairs, religion and writing sites.

A very small but nice general site is found on, is called PenWormWarriors penwormprayerwarriors,
offers jokes, inspirations, writing from several internet writers, and lots of prayers.

HormoneHealthNW is a woman’s health magazines devoted to articles on hormones especially for peri and menopausal women. has an extensive list of newsletters and e-zines to select from including,

Storytime Tapestry e-zine is a writing e-zine that showcases the works of young struggling first time writers and established journalists in the industry. The issues come to your email box 365 days of the year or you can visit the archives at: To sign up for this publication you can go directly to