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Where You can Find Free Magazines


There are many ways to obtain free magazines. Buying magazines can be pricey and we don’t always have the means to do it. Some people feel they do not get enough for their money when they purchase magazines. For people who are looking for meaty articles, they find that many of the magazines, are filled with too many photos, advertisements, and fodder. These pages of unwanted material has caused many subscribers reason for drifting away from magazines and leaning towards other forms of entertainment.

Everyone is looking to save a dollar in this lagging economy. Though advertising is a must to keep paying publication afloat, it may not be so annoying to the consumer when they do not need to pay for that publication as well. Therefore free magazines, which often rely on the advertisements from their sponsors, are better accepted. However they too must be careful to fill their pages with quality material as well. There is so much out there that consumers do not have to settle for just any publication just because it falls under the rubric of free magazines.

Of course the Internet is haven for free magazines. Any google search will bring you to many sites that offer free magazines galore. However, in the event that a magazine reader does not have access to a working computer, then where can he or she turn for free magazines?

Just as there are clubs where people swap books to read, you can join a club or create a club to swap magazines. If the club is large enough you may not have to purchase magazines all that often during the course of the year, but you can get to read several a month by reading the magazine offerings of others.

Doctors and Dental offices always have an assortment of magazines for their patients to read while sitting in the waiting room. Sometimes the issues can be very old, but you still can find some wonderful gems sitting and waiting to be read. For example, National Geographic articles are always timeless gems.

Oftentimes you will come across free magazines subscriptions as door prizes at company functions, charities and other social events. These prizes are an attraction to bring in the crowds for the function at hand. People always like to get something for nothing and it is particularly enjoyable when you are attending a function where you are getting back something in return for your donation or servitude to the community. In turn many magazines companies have given out free subscriptions, not only for the good publicity that will come back to them but for helping out a good cause.