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´╗┐Magazines Discount is a Practical Alternative for Single Copy Magazine Outlet Prices


There are so many magazines out there and as we all know subscribing to various magazines can become very expensive. There is just so much money to go around, yet so many great magazines that we would love to keep up with. How can we solve the solution of getting as many magazines as we want without breaking the budget?

One tried and true way is to search magazines discount. So many of our favorite magazines today offer magazines discount. First of all when you buy magazines straight off the rack, they are always at a premium price. Single copies are always more expensive than buying a year subscription. The magazines discount comes with a year subscription, usually saving you at least one issue price. In other words you will be paying for eleven issues instead of twelve. The reason for these magazines discount is that every magazine publisher wants to maintain a healthy solid readership.

Over the years off the rack sales have been declining. People may purchase a single copy of a magazine but never come back to purchase more. There are several reasons for that.

Price per copy

First of all there are no magazines discount in a retail outlet, people pay the price of the issue and we all know these magazines can get pricey.


When going to magazine outlets, magazine purchasers are faced with a large selection at their fingertips. The competition is fierce, a patron may have trouble deciding on which magazines to choose from, and some additional magazines choices would be made if the money permitted, unfortunately it is not. For example, a family might be considering a fashion magazine, and a computer magazine but only has enough funds for one selection.

Time Constraints

Many people rush into the magazine outlets on their lunch hour from work; they have no time to ponder which would be the best selection for their needs. They will grab the first magazine that looks appealing.

Secondly, magazines outlet personnel often discourage too much browsing for fear that magazines will be looked over too much and not purchased afterwards. This usually happens in the smaller outlets where the magazine selections are just one of the products offered in the store. Again a patron would have to make a quick selection.

Damaged Goods

Sometimes in some magazine outlets, the magazines have been handled too much, they could be bent, have that read through already look, or dog eared, ripped, or torn. No magazine purchaser will pay for such a magazine. When we buy magazines at premium prices we want quality and we certainly want a brand new copy, not one that has been picked over by several people before us.


In the hustle and bustle of our chaotic lives we, the consumer, do not always have the time to make it to the magazines outlets. There are kids, and meetings, activities and appointments, work, shopping, carpooling and so much more that take precedence over magazine shopping.

It is just not convenient to go out looking for magazines. Then after we make the trip we are not always certain that our preferred magazine is there. When that happens, many people do not come home empty handed they just purchase a different magazine on the same topic instead.

Publishers of magazines understand all the pitfalls of purchasing single copies and to entice the readers they offer magazines discount on subscription rates to entice a loyal patronage and to further the interest of their business. To further solidify the solid membership, magazine publishers often give an additional saving on a two-year subscription taken out immediately. For example, a one-year subscription might be $20.00 but if you take out a two-year subscription it may be only $35.00 saving you $5.00 off the second year renewal rate.

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