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Mens Magazines and Their Portrayal of The Modern Man


What constitutes the modern man? What defines him? What brings out his masculinity, his sexuality, his interests, his hobbies, his culture and savvy? What brings out his hardworking and even his feminine side? Are mens magazines up to the challenge? The media has played a hand at defining the male culture and mens magazines have become a big part of it.

Researchers are taken interest is the media portrayal of the modern man and looking at such mens magazines as Playboy, GQ, Maxim, Esquire; the type of magazine that promotes, fashion, health, beauty, and sexuality. On the one hand these mens magazines do portray men in a glamorous light since they are fashion oriented and so forth. The message clearly sent out is that men can be just as glamorous and fashion conscious as any women.

On the other hand we must also take note that these particular mens magazines are actually catering to a very small segment of male society. These magazines portray the stereotypical white middle class gentlemen of means. It becomes a far cry from your working class stiff sitting home watching football and drinking beer, your boys in the hood, or farmer Brown whose biggest concern is to make sure his harvest comes in.

Of course no one magazine could capture all that is considered a part of what it means to be a man. Thankfully there are different mens magazines to portray the different roles that men play in today’s society.

These mens magazines do talk about fitness but even fitness can be very specialized in a man’s world. Many men are interested in bodybuilding. Whether for fitness, strength, or general sex appeal, it doesn’t matter because there are mens magazines to fill this niche. Ironman, and Flex are examples of such magazines.

There are mens magazines focusing on sports such as the famous Sports Illustrated and their alluring swimsuit issue, or specialty magazines focusing on a single sport such as basketball. There are several magazines devoted to this sport alone Hoop is one of them.

We cannot forget the avid fisherman and the great magazines such as Field and Stream which provides important articles on fishing, good fishing location, fishing equipment and so on. There are so many sporting magazines to choose from addressing either general sports, or a specific sport such as hiking or mountain climbing.

Cars, computers, and electronics are traditional men playthings. Several magazines are offered to fill the interests of these men.

We haven’t forgotten the farmer or the boys from the hood. Farmers have a special niche for magazines, Farmers weekly for example, keeps up with the news that farmers want to know. Or you can look at the following links for additional magazines:

For the urban youth or ethnic male such great mens magazines like Black Men Magazine is geared for Afro American men from 19 to 49, while Hombre Magazine has a niche for hispanic men. The Asian male market is somewhat covered with magazines such as

Mens magazines are branching out they are discovering and portraying what is means to be a male in today diversified society.

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