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Finding free online craft magazines


If you’re tired of paying for expensive monthly craft magazines, then free online craft magazines could be for you. Subscriptions to these free magazines are widely available, through vendors specializing in such offers. Free offers often look a little suspicious at first glance, after all, nothing in life really comes for free, right? Let’s take a closer look at how these magazines work, and determine if free online craft magazines could replace traditional ones.

Weather your interests lie in cross-stitch, knitting, croquet, or needlework, there’s bound to be a free online craft magazine which covers the theme. These magazines are offered for one primary reasons:

Craft is a hobby which requires renewable materials. Marketers know this, and by publishing free material which in turns contains advertising of this material, a vessel to transport targeted advertising is born. Other indirect benefits may also be included in marketers developing and distributing free online craft magazines, such as brand loyalty and penetration.

This in turn identifies the biggest difference to regular paid magazines. Free craft magazines generally have a heavy alternative motive, and as such the tendency for bias can sometimes be imminent.

On the positive side however, free online craft magazines are just that, free, meaning readers basically have nothing to lose. While content can sometimes be sparser than “normal” magazines, customers wouldn’t take up the offer for a magazine containing only advertising.

Another way free online craft magazines can exist, is through a free trial system. Subscribers take up an offer, with a certain amount of free issues, after which they must pay to continue the service. Publishers usually make a heavy push towards the end of the free period to ensure customers sign onto a continued paid contract. This can be unnerving for some people, and they should ensure there is an opt out clause before entering into any subscription – free or otherwise.

Free online craft magazines can offer all the content which usually requires payment. This can range from tips and tricks, to upcoming shows and exhibitions. Because content is compiled, published and distributed electronically and through the World Wide Web, customers can easily absorb the content in a convenient and timely manner. Issues are usually delivered via a file format such as PDF, as an attachment via email. This means each publication can be stored forever, in very large quantities without a problem. Each issue of the magazine can also be searched, so the problem of not being able to find a certain article should never exist again with free online craft magazines.

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