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Do free car magazines provide the horsepower you need?


While car magazines have thrived for years in newsagents’ shelves, free car magazines are now widely available through subscription. Due namely to the internet’s promotion of free content for users, free magazines have grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s obvious why. Free products pose little risk to the consumer; if it doesn’t suit them, they’ve lost nothing expect the time to try it. If it does however suit them, an inexpensive solution is born to replace a product which has normally had its own line in the household budget.

Free car magazines have the potential to provide the same content and value of traditional magazine publications. Just because content is free, shouldn’t mean it is any less accurate or reliable, and so choosing a reputable vendor for free car magazines is important. The implications of trusting content regarding anything cars, from an unworthy source is obviously large. Perhaps instructions on a certain mechanical process are scantily written and therefore cause confusion when it comes to the reader executing them.

Free car magazines should also contain the features people are used to seeing. These may include:

• Automotive news – new releases, reports from shows, and industry updates.

• Car reviews – Reviews are one of the core strengths of car magazines. Readers get to see and read about cars they might be thinking of purchasing, or even cars they’d never be able to afford!

• Environmental tips – As the move towards environmentally friendly energy production continues, car magazines often include tips to save petrol, and reviews of hybrid or alternative fuel methods.

• Reader feedback – Often the best way to explore an issue is by hearing what the general people think. Free car magazines and traditional magazines alike often publish a letters section for this very reason.

Ensuring authenticity is often the biggest issue surrounding free car magazines and for that matter, free products in general. The promise of something for free is often accompanied by a hidden cost or obligation, such as a condition to continue the subscription into a paid period, or personal details being used by third party marketing. While these problems are by no means absent in free car magazines, it is possible to eliminate risk by spending time to find a trustworthy vendor.

Free car magazines can act as non-cost solution to automotive reading requirements. The free price tag should be a cause to increase due diligence when selecting a magazine, but not a complete roadblock. By comparing the contents and quality to a proven regular magazine it’s possible to ensure the publication at hand is reputable, and most of all, valuable.

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