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Can free travel magazines the worry out of holiday planning?


Free magazines’ influence is growing; free travel magazines are just one example of them. No matter your destination; from Mexico to Monaco, there’s bound to be a free travel magazine which covers your target.

Like anything free in life, it’s natural to want to question free travel magazines. How can anything resourceful and valuable be offered for free, right? While there are many ways in which companies are able to justify publishing travel magazines for free, what is important to review is the tangible content itself. After all, the end reader doesn’t particularly care about the dynamics of free marketing profit models. The real question which begs in the skeptical traveler’s mind is, are free travel magazines really worth the time?

Normally you would only compare apples with apples, but when evaluating free travel magazines, it’s important to evaluate how they stack up against the paid alternative. Some aspects which could be compared include:

• Quality – are articles and information general meaningful and valuable, or is the publication simply an advertising brochure?

• Content – is content relative to destinations you’re likely ti visit and require information about? Is content helpful and worth the paper it’s printed on?

• Timeliness – are articles printed in a timely manner? Are upcoming events listed in time for travelers to consider including them in their own itinerary?

The attribute that free travel magazines will always boast over magazines which require payment, is the simple fact that they’re free. At the end of the day, readers will generally give these magazines a try on the basis that they have nothing to lose. If the publication fails to meet expectations, they can cut their non-existent losses and move on. Should they however absorb some content which is of value to them, they’re highly likely to take up the free travel magazine offer again in the future.

Free travel magazines are often available from travel agents, however, the internet also provides a storefront for many magazine vendors which may prove more convenient for some travelers. The biggest advantage of being able to obtain free travel magazines from the World Wide Web, is that when trekking around a foreign country or area, tourists are still able to access content online.

This is especially the case when magazines are delivered in electronic form, commonly called “e-zines”. These versions are often exactly the same as printed version, however are published electronically only, and delivered into subscribers inboxes. These forms are obviously more versatile, in that readers are still able to print them if required, without the environmental impact from the outset.

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