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Urban fashion Design Magazines Promoting Beauty, Fashion and Urban Culture

Urban fashion design magazines were created to meet the needs of the hip hop crowd. These fashions were born from the styles worn by America’s hip hop and rappers and bringing these styles to urban youth and the Afro American culture. Akin to folk singing traditionally being the sounds of what was considered white American everyday people’s cultural heritage put to music, hip hop and rap are the sounds of the Afro American youth in America today. These songs portray poverty, sex, drugs, violence, women, discrimination, and anything that Black Youth could go through. Many of the rappers known as “gangsta rappers” speak of shooting and gang violence.

Rappers usually talk in a style called rap, which can be a form of poetry. Usually rap has singers or music in the background. The background sounds are repeated over and over again and are called a loop, which is part of a chorus. The hook, like in many songs is the catchy chorus that brings attention to the song and it what is remembered years after the song has gone out style.

The popularity of this urban music is so influential and so widespread that urban fashion design magazines had to cash in on this enormous cash cow. Hip hop dress styles originated in the Bronx area of New York known as East Coast for its style of rap, and then branched out to Los Angeles – West Coast, Chicago (mid west), Philadelphia, and East Bay (San Francisco) and the “dirty south.”

In the early 1980’s such major fashion companies as Nike, Kangol, Le Coq and Adidas quickly associated themselves to the hip hop generation through their Sportswear. Hairstyles such as the Jheri curl and the High top popularized by several actors such as Will Smith added to the fashion craze.

In the 1990’s such fashions from gansta rap brought in Dickies, a Fort Worth, Texas clothing company’s designs in pants, shirts, and jackets. Baseball caps were also the range in 1980’s and 1990’s along with baggy pants, showing the underwear beneath in the male hip hop and rap artists.
While traditional music and Hollywood stars where classy and chic, rappers and hip hop artists were laid back and down to earth in their clothing tastes and styles. These artists paved the way for young urban teenagers to dress in styles that suited them and not their parents before them. Even such Hollywood designers as Issac Mizrahi, was inspired by the hip hop movement.

Ghetto fabulous was the term coined by singer turned fashion designer Sean Combs The Sean John collection is featured in urban fashion Designs magazines everywhere. The Sean John clothing line is considered urban clothing that is a cut above the rest, catering to a wealthier urban population.

Vibe Magazine an urban magazine brought out by Quincy Jones and Time Inc., covers urban celebrities, fashion, music and more.

Other urban fashion design magazines include Ebony, and Jet, cater to Afro American fashions

Essence caters to the Hollywood glamour look for black American women.

Fubu urban designs run the gamut of the sexy Hollywood star to the boys from the hood. It has an excellent urban fashion design website, with the clothing line associated with L. L. Cool Jay.

Flavour Magazine, a UK publication, is one of the urban fashion design magazines catering to men and women from 18 to 34 of all ethnicities.