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Top Fashion Magazines Offering More Than Just a Pretty Face


Have you ever wondered what is the top fashion Magazines? There are so many top fashion magazines to choose from, but which are the most popular?

According to the Internet, ten of the top fashion magazines are as follows:

• Sitting in first place is Vogue magazine the French Vogue magazine brings you what is hot in Europe and on the New York runway scene. If it happening today then rest assured, Vogue will be carrying it.

• Coming in, in second place for top fashion magazines is Elle Magazine Elle also has its pulse on the world’s fashion with such fabulous creations by Coco Chanel and many other fashion designing houses of this caliber. Coco Chanel designs brought us the famous “little black dress” look of the 1980’s.

• In third place we have In Style, In Style brings the wonderful clothing lines to you as well as the private lives of the public people who wear or design them. It currently has distributions of around 1. 7 million.

• In fourth place we have none other than Cosmopolitan, glamour, beauty, health, horoscopes, games, guys, relationships, sex, confessions, you name it and Cosmopolitan will have it. Cosmopolitan is the magazine for today’s modern girl. Cosmopolitan is the best selling young woman’s Magazine. Cosmopolitan is a Hearst publication. Cosmo is sold in 58 countries. Cosmopolitan and Cosmo girl is an institution in the fashion world. Many famous editors such as Helen Gurley Brown have shaped the magazine to keep its ever-youthful appeal.

• Harper’s Bazaar, the oldest American fashion Magazine comes in fifth on the top fashion magazines list. Harper’s Bazaar also promotes anything beautiful from clothing to diamonds and glitter.

• Glamour Magazine ranks in sixth place. This woman’s magazine was originally called Glamour of Hollywood Magazine when it was founded in 1939. Glamour Magazine is another Conde Nast Publication. Each year the magazine hosts the glamour women of the year awards.

• Mademoiselle Magazine came in seventh place. Mademoiselle Magazine’s claim to fame was featuring stories from writers that were not necessarily linked to the fashion business such as Truman Copote. Mademoiselle is now integrated into the Glamour Magazine and no longer a magazine of its own.

• Fashion-Planet Magazine blends the world of contemporary art, and music as well as fashion in a fabulous mosaic of what is glamour, classic or just plain hot in the fashion world of today.

• Self Magazine is a well rounded magazine that takes, health and fitness as seriously as they do fashion. Self Magazine publishes articles and support for major issues such as cancer breast awareness.

• The final magazine in the 10 top fashion magazines is Marie Claire. This magazine also caters to the well-rounded woman with health, fashion, careers, news, and articles from women from all over the world in all walks of life. Marie Claire’s theme is “More Than a Pretty Face.”

Choosing the top fashion magazines has never been easier since the advent of the Internet.