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Men's Fashion Magazines Provide Men With Both the Classic and the Practical in Men’s Apparel


Men’s fashion magazines take the spotlight away from the traditional women fashion magazines and puts emphasis on the male. Dressing good is feeling good and feeling good is a normal part of life. Who said that only females could have a corner on this market?

We see gorgeous women in designer clothing and think this is the norm. By the same token we see men in dirty jeans and an old sweatshirt and think this is the norm as well. Men’s fashion magazines have set the world straight; men can be just as stylish and fashionable as any woman. A great advantage of men’s fashion magazines is that they point out that men can look good in clothing fit for a prince, or dressed down to hangout in casual wear.

Another wonderful advantage of men’s fashion magazines is that even if men are wearing gorgeous Armani suits, unlike the runway female model crowd or high profile female celebrities, men’s suits never go out of fashion. They are designed to be worn more than once. The best-dressed man, who goes out on the town or works in the corporate world, can wear his suit in pride as often as he wishes to. As a matter of fact one of the men most often photographed is Prince Charles of England who is content to wear the very same overcoat on his outings; there is nothing like a well-worn favorite to keep a man happy.

Another aspect of men’s fashion magazines is to point out the practical in men swear. The avid sportsman is shown in highly fashionable and useful attire. Sportswear International, offers fashionable clothing for both women and men on the international scene, from the USA to India and beyond.

Harpers Magazine, the second oldest literary magazine in the USA often features articles on men’s fashion and clothing. Fashion is not just a woman’s issue men are equally interested, as well as the women who are married to and dating these men.

The well renowned Field and Stream magazine is one of the men’s fashion magazines that caters to all sporting goods and clothing for men and women alike. Here the emphasis is on style and practicality.

When thinking about men’s fashion magazines do not dismiss the obvious. If you cannot afford the large ticket items but still want to look good and feel good about yourself, remember the old time favorite Sears. Yes Sears catalogue has moderately priced men’s clothing and apparel. Unlike men’s fashion magazines, this online catalogue will not give the scoop on whose whom in the fashion industry but it will certainly give you a hint of how a well-dressed man of modest means should be wearing.