There Are Thousands of Magazines Out There.
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"Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About
MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!"
is a comprehensive resource on the powerful media tool: the magazine. This is a valuable eBook that will give you a vast amount of information that you can use in your personal and business life.


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News is everywhere! It's on television, it's online and it's in print. Whether you want magazines for news, for gossip, for advice or to help you further your professional career or even your quality of life, you've now found a FANTASTIC resource to help you make the most of the magazines you read.

Learn from the eBook "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About
MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!"
just how you can take what seems like a simple magazine and use it to your advantage in many different ways.

If you'd like to know:

  • Is print dead? Will the e-zine replace the magazine?

  • How do I get the right magazines for my lifestyle?

  • How do I get into the magazine business?

  • Can I capitalize on this business to make money of my own?

Then you've come to the right place! This eBook will show you many different facets of the magazine industry that you've probably not yet considered. Whether you want to learn more about the magazine industry for personal reasons, for professional reasons or just out of a thirst for knowledge, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is the perfect resource for you!

Magazines are written about a LOT of different subjects such as:

  • Business

  • Cars

  • Art

  • General interest

  • Niche interest

  • Fashion and style

  • Celebrity

  • Relationships

  • Trade specific information

  • Health and wellness

  • Gossip

  • Etcetera

With all those subjects, there are a lot of intricacies in the industry! The book covers a lot of questions and vast amount of answers about how everyone can benefit from the magazine industry in order to be on the cutting edge of information for their personal life, their professional life, their lifestyle, their relationships and their hobbies. There are thousands of magazines to choose from and people are making money as well as businesses. Even with the advancement of the internet, magazines are not expected to become obsolete any time soon!

How many magazine subscriptions do you buy? If you're the type who just grabs them in the supermarket line up, you aren't maximizing the potential of subscriptions. A lot of people buy the same magazine every month and pay 75% more for their issues than they need to.

And, a lot of people who buy magazines, barely scratch the surface of the value in those magazines because they subscribe to so many of them that the magazines pile up until they go off to a landfill or get donated to a library, doctor's office or kids' classroom for cut and paste.

Who can learn from this book?

This book can provide a lot of information about magazines for people who have varied reasons for being interested in magazines. It can help:

  1. Entrepreneurs who want in on the magazine industry

  2. Writers who want to sell articles to magazines and make money by writing

  3. Photographers who want to get into photo journalism

  4. Those interested in magazine editing

  5. Anyone interested in the publishing business in general

  6. Regular people who love magazines and want to get more out of them!

"Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" will help you learn:

  • How magazines work: Who's the boss and the roles and responsibilities inside a magazine

  • About magazine revenue sources

  • The increasing popularity of e-zines (online magazines)

  • About being an editor of a magazine

  • How to query magazines for articles you want to write

  • Tips for writers looking to break into the competitive magazine writing niche

If you're looking at the magazine industry from a consumer perspective, you can find out a lot about the history of magazines, how to choose the right magazines for your learning style and how to go about choosing the right magazines to help you organize your life, get a better job through having the inside scoop in your industry, get the latest news and also have access to cutting edge information from politics to gossip to self-improvement and more. See all the possibilities that magazines can bring you?

The book, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is written for magazine makers, magazine readers and those who are interested in the magazine business.

Even if you have no knowledge whatsoever about magazines, this is a book that can help you understand the inner workings of magazines and help you make the most of your subscription dollars.

But there's even more!

The book "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is a thorough resource with 55 pages of valuable information but we had so much information to share that we also put together a valuable report for you.

The FREE report, "Are You A Passive Magazine Reader", is a 12 page report filled with valuable information to help people get the most out of the information available in magazines; regardless of the niche.

Learn about:

  • Saving money through the tips in magazines

    • paying attention to valuable product reviews that can change your purchasing decisions for the better!

  • Save money by learning to do things yourself

  • Save money while learning to style your home, yourself and improve your life.

  • Yes, magazines can do all that for you! Learn how to read the magazine in a way that saves time while giving you the maximum benefit from it!

Magazines Report

Best of all, the report is absolutely FREE.

There is such a vast amount of information related to the world of magazines that we couldn't fit it all into our book, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!". Although there are 55 pages of interesting and valuable content, this special report was created to show you specifically how to maximize the benefit of magazines in every facet of your life.

But what are you really getting from these books?

Those who order a copy of "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About MAGAZINES...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" are not only getting information about the magazine industry, they're also getting information that can benefit them in their professional life, their relationships and on the quest for a more fulfilled life.

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Magazines eBook

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Here is an excerpt from the book...


Each and every day, we are surrounded by information. Whether we read the news, pore over the latest gossip column, or we head to the Internet, we are constantly inundated with facts, fiction, and fantasy.

And this is a good thing.

Our brains and our lives need to be constantly updated in order to make better decisions, form new opinions and to simply experience life at its fullest.

Without a constant flow of information, we would not be able to learn about the latest election, the latest jean style, or the newest ideas.

Magazines make up just a part of this influx of information - but they are no less important. By providing us with a wide range of ideas and communicating about a diverse set of topics in a fun and accessible way, magazines allow us to create our own experience in this world.

Some magazines are targeted to the wider audience of readers, like those that provide us with news coverage or political information.

But there are also niche (smaller) markets that provide smaller groups of readers with all the latest news and developments in the knitting world or in the writing world.

No matter why you choose to use magazines over other forms of media, you're not alone. Magazine sales and subscriptions are still rising, even with the invention of online publications.

But what is the future of magazines? How can we use them in our lives? What's next in the publishing world?

Read on to find out more about the past, the present, and the looming future of magazines.


The best part of this eBook is that you don't have to wait another minute or head into a crowded store to pick up a copy. You can start learning and reading in just minutes.


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