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Computer Technology is a blurring world of gigabytes and gigahertz. Everything that one could need to know about computer technology is available in free online computer magazines. Information Technology professionals utilize these tools to stay up on the latest cutting edge portable digital assistants, PDA. Computer hardware is evolving into blazing fast machines with dual core processors; bottomless pits of hard drive space and the ability to render real life images and architecture.

Due to the constant changes in computer technologies, business professionals must evolve or dissolve. They have no choice but to know that mpeg video files chew up hard drive space therefore require terabytes of hard drive space available. The design departments need to be aware that to view design files their workstations need powerful graphics cards. Business professionals browse free online computer magazines daily while upgrading their existing infrastructure and investigating new technologies.

Photography was once an art form of shooting the photo, bathing the film and enlarging onto paper. With the advances of technology, digital photography has emerged. Photographers now shop the free online computer magazines articles for new digital cameras and film scanners. Digital cameras were once point and shoot devices that would capture low-resolution images primarily viewed on a computer monitor. Digital cameras today have the ability of capturing as high as 160 megapixels. Film scanners have necessary technology that captures the photo image in high resolution and stores the image onto computer hardware. Photographers then, using high power computer hardware, can edit and manipulate the images to be used as art or marketing materials.

Utilizing updated technology, architects and home design professionals can create virtual images of their new home designs or landscape proposals without leaving the office. Architects can build someone’s dream home in three-dimensional software to create exactly what the customer wants down to the finest details. Gathering information from free online magazines assist landscape designers keep their computer hardware updated so they can create virtual landscapes without moving a rock.

Novice computer users find themselves staring wide-eyed at the shelves of computer components hoping that the right network interface card will jump off the shelves at them. Or even worse, they are bombarded with technical jargon that makes little to no sense from a sales clerk. To guarantee that the correct product is purchased browse free online computer magazines before attempting to upgrade or dive into the store shelves. Computers have now become a common home appliance. The computer has surpassed the dishwasher as a standard household appliance. 31% of households reported buying new computer hardware in February of 2008. Free online computer magazines have facilitated the rapid growth of the technology industry.