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´╗┐Old Computer Magazines, What To Do With Them?


Since the first computer magazine in 1975, computer users have subscribed to hundreds of thousands of different publications. Old computer magazines now clutter our basements, offices and landfills. Early computer magazines contained information on business and military computers as well as basic software before graphical user interface applications were created. Today computer magazines contain gaming, business and home computing information. A few options for disposing, or getting rid of old computer magazines, are recycling them or donating to schools or organizations in under developed countries.

Early computer magazines contained do-it-yourself articles on building, maintaining and using the first computers available to consumers. Computer ownership in the beginning was either home hobbyist or scientific/military analysts. Computer hobbyists would purchase kits to build their own computers. General computer building information did not yet exist. The do-it-yourself hobbyists created their own computer building magazines and quickly published them for the main stream. The old computer magazines were advanced in electronics and computed thinking processes. As the computer market grew more advertisement and purchasing options were printed in the magazines. Today those old computer magazines are stockpiled and stashed in corners around the United States.

One option for disposing of the old computer magazines is recycling. Recycling old computer magazines keep them from filling up landfills throughout the United States. Schools and non profit organizations run magazine recycling drives to gather magazines from homes and businesses. Recycling companies will then take the gathered magazines and recycle them to be used to print other publications. The recycling companies pay the schools and organizations for the magazines collected. Home users can also recycle the old computer magazines in the weekly recycle bins. Many cities throughout the United States provide recycling bins for homeowners to separate the recyclables from the rest of their trash.

Non-profit organizations also collect old computer magazines to distribute to companies and schools in under developed countries. With technology advances of today even underdeveloped countries have some computers available for students and businesses. These new computer users need information on everything computer from how to build and fix computers to how to get the most value out of computers. The users find the information in the old computer magazines that have been donated. Another example of the use of donated computer magazines is dentist and doctor offices. Old Computer magazines from the United States are considered new computer magazines in some other countries. Doctors that have computer magazines from the United States for their patients to read are considered ahead of the game when compared to their competitors.

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