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The Beauty of Performance Car Magazines


The performance car magazines offer information on vehicle performance that fit budgets, lifestyles and certain needs in both new and used vehicles. Add that to a vehicle which drives with top quality features, safety, and fuel efficiency, then the consumer is on their way to choosing the best competition paced vehicles—such as Ford Performance Vehicles, the MAZDASPEED3, the 2009 Mazda RX-8, or the Volvo S60.

All consumers want a vehicle that is performance based, to ensure high-quality longevity for the dollar well spent. And products being developed for today's automobiles and trucks are technically better every time a new product comes out, with performance car magazines keeping tabs on each one through reviews, forums, top articles, and question/answer opportunities through online performance car magazines and subscription based ones.

For those who keep up on performance car products, they fully realize that brand names and vehicles will change throughout the years. What used to be popular years ago would not be as popular today with most, as it used to be personally chosen tastes which dictated the popularity. Unfortunately, the overloaded advertising which is present today on television and the Internet dictate a lot of the sales and popularity, so reading performance car magazines would allow the consumer a little more information on the subject.

The performance car magazines have a history which revolves around magazine "Performance Car", part of the "Car Magazine" line, with its final edition around July of 1998. The writers and associated individual went on with the magazine "EVO", still popular today. The new magazine is a British automobile magazine which is dedicated to the performance vehicles—within a wide range of hot hatches and supercars. Beginning in November of 1998 as an immediate follower of "Performance Car", is was published as a monthly magazine but is presently published 13 times a year in Wollaston, Northamptonshire.

Subscriptions to "Evo" buries the reader deeply in the thrill of driving, with many other aspects included which revolved around this subject on an international level in France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Middle East. Subject matter is slightly different than the original magazine, with a little more localized content of each country their magazine is published for.

What makes the "Evo" magazine so much better than many other magazines is that the editors and writers of these international magazines were invited for the test drives from performance companies such as Porsche, Pagani, and Gumpert. The writing of actually being there with up-front seats has more quality and reality than those who write from simple facts and information sent in by the companies, giving "Evo" an edge over most other performance magazines.

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