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Primedia Business Magazines Article

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Primedia Business Magazines – Helping To Connect Businesses


Have you ever wondered who gathered all the information in those reference magazines that help you connect to other businesses? That publication magic is done by Primedia businesses. Magazines are produced and published to help connect sellers to buyers in certain targeted business markets.

A Simple Overview

Primedia business magazines do help connect sellers with buyers in targeted business markets, but they do much more. They are able to create powerful, effective, and multiple marketing opportunities. For example, you may have a service business that will help those in the real estate business. A Primedia business magazine will aid in the connection to your business with real estate businesses so your business can now increase. This cross marketing will also work in reverse because you make connections that will help a real estate business too.

They are able to meet the diverse needs of their customers for two main reasons:

• They have vast industry knowledge
• Their committed team of industry players. These are made up of the editors, the publishers, the salespeople, the marketing team, and many others that strive to produce helpful publications.

Primedia business magazines serve more then 4.6 million targeted subscribers in 19 industry sectors; agriculture, entertainment technology, marketing, and telecommunications are just a few examples. They publish over 100 magazines and newsletters, 450 technical books, and book over 30 events through their Exhibition Division. Primedia business magazines are also a part of over 130 web communities including the industry.

A Few Examples

You could do an endless search for all the publications that are connected with Primedia business magazines, but here are a few examples that may peek your interest:

• Apartment Guide
• New Home Guide
• Distributech
• Access Control & Security Systems
• CEE News
• Electrical Construction & Maintenance
• Fire Chef
• Global Telephony
• Distribution World

There are many more Primedia business magazines that are available to the business owner or for those who work in a particular business.

If you are in the business world then you understand the importance of making business connections. Your time is precious so you want to use it wisely by making useful connections. Primedia business magazines strive to make this possible, they try to make those connections as easy as possible, and they seem to be the leader in doing so. So, if you are a part of one of the targeted business sectors that Primedia specializes in then it would be worth your time to check out one of the Primedia business magazines.