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How to Get Wholesale Books and Magazines


Once you get a little shopping experience under your belt, it doesn’t take long to figure out that buying things wholesale is a lot cheaper than buying them retail. Often by cutting out the middleman, the store, you can save up to 75% per item. The problem is that it can be hard to find wholesale deals when you aren’t in business for yourself or are new to buying and selling goods. Let’s take wholesale books and magazines for example. Tons of purely online websites have sprung up offering all kinds of books and magazines. Of course, the classic real world bookstores are still viable business options as well. If you are interested in acquiring wholesale books or magazines for reasons of your own, there are several approaches you can choose to take.

It might seem like it’s so simple that it can’t possibly work, but going through the local phone book is a good place to start with buying wholesale books and magazines. Simply look for book sellers with wholesale somewhere in their name. Give the business a call and ask if they offer special hours for the general public to come in and make purchases if you are simply collecting books and magazines for your personal use. Of course, if you are planning to start an online or traditional bookstore of your own, this is the time to start establishing a relationship with the wholesaler for your benefit down the road.

Once again we are back to the Internet for help in getting wholesale books and magazines. Make it a point to join groups, clubs, and organizations that share your interest. Email newsletters and even chat or message forums can be amazing resources for finding a supply of wholesale books and magazines as well as other goods. Networking in this way and in your everyday life can yield outstanding results. You never know when you might meet a person or already know one that has ties to wholesale books and magazines companies.

Like most salespeople, those who work in the book and magazine industry often carry samples of their offerings. You can make it a point to watch in the newspapers or shopping magazines for notices of representatives having a sale to get rid of their old samples. It might be hard to find specific books or magazines this way, but it can certainly save a lot of money in the long run. With some creative thought and knowing where to start, you can get the type of prices offered by the best wholesale books and magazines companies.

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