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Discount Student Art Magazines – For Those Who Need It Most


Okay, so you have decided to study art. You have paid the application fee for art school and got accepted. Well, now you have to pay for classes, fees, housing, transportation, food, books, and oh yeah…you need to subscribe to at least two or more art magazines! Talk about being a starving artist. What will you do? Well, take a breath because there are discount student art magazines available.

You may think you are able to access those needed magazines through your local library, but even if they do carry the publication you are looking for, chances are someone has thought of the same idea and you will not be able to review the latest issue. Not to mention, who knows when you will need to reference those art magazines. Discount student art magazines can be the answer to your dilemma. But how do you access this student discount? Art magazines come in many forms and with different prices, so it is a good idea to shop around. You could go to a big chain book store and purchase a copy each time you need it, but it would be easier to bite the bullet and get a subscription. A few discount student art magazine avenues to try would be:

• – This informative website is chock full of resources for the art student. You can purchase materials, books, and art magazines. Discount student art magazines may be available at the different stores that are listed.

• – This is another website that can link you to further websites that offer art magazines. Discount student art magazines are dependent upon the publications you seek. You will choose a topic first and then the corresponding magazines will pop up.

• – There are lists of all kinds of magazines that you can get at a discounted rate. One discounted student art magazine listed was for those studying design and architecture.

• Art Museums – If you are studying art, then it is always a great idea to check out your local art museum. This is a fantastic informational resource. Many of the larger museums have their own publications for free or can help you find discount student art magazines.

It is hard enough to be a student to have to worry about all the costs that are involved, but you are trying to get the most from your education. Now is the time to soak up all the information that you can on your choice subject. If you hop on their particular websites then you could perhaps get a discounted rate. Discount student art magazines are the way to go when having to read a variety of art publications.