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Authenticate Your Interest With Art Antique Magazines


There may be an art period or time period that you have taken great interest in and maybe you have even purchased a piece to represent that time. Art antique magazines will keep you abreast with information from that world.

Reading one of these magazines will help you get informed about a certain time, a certain artist, or creator of furniture or pottery piece. Art antique magazines are readily available to anyone who holds interest, but a few that may be enjoyable would be:

• Art and Antiques Magazine – This magazine is for the collector of the fine and decorative arts or antiques. They have features with titles like, "Spirit of Arctic – Vibrant Art of Canada's Inuit", "Gods, Demigods, and Mortals", and "Style to Spare". The featured advertisers are usually galleries or antique shops that you can further explore.

• Antiques and Fine Art Magazine – This beautiful art antique magazine has featured inventories of art and antiques that they photography elegantly so you are able to capture all the details. Some of the current article topics are about Georgia O'Keefe and Litchfield Furniture. They have lists of antique and art shows around the world, so you can see what is happening and where.

• Antiques and Art Gallery – The website of is a one of a kind illustrated online catalog. This Chicago, Illinois based company was founded in 1998. They are associated with the arts and antiques of the 18th – 20th century from Europe and America. They divide these in three categories: Meissen and other European porcelain, American and European paintings, and 19th and 20th century decorative arts.

It can be a lot of fun to peruse antique shops and art exhibits to pick up a unique piece. However, now that you have this piece and perhaps spent quite a bit or think that you got the deal of a lifetime, what do you do with it? You have brought it home and some have admired it, but when they ask you the history, do you know what to tell them? It is always nice to have a bit of education on the piece. Art antique magazines are a great resource to help you find out about your newfound treasure, and perhaps lead you to the next piece.

If you are a collector or in the business of buying and selling art and antiques; magazines can be a great way to see what others are doing. They help you keep up to date with what is desired and what is now passé. Art antique magazines can be a good contact tool. You will have certain resources at your finger tips and you are able to get your name and product out too.

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