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Color Your Body With These Magazines: Tattoo Art


It is no secret that tattoos have become increasing popular for all ages, races, genders, and cultures. Many people seek the creative talents of those into tattoo art. Magazines have helped get the word out about tattoos and those who make this their art form.

Once upon a time, many people had to go underground to receive a tattoo, but many laws have changed making the accessibility greater. This has also helped regulate the safety and health concerns many have had. Tattoo studios, today, have to be licensed and are subjected to health inspections. This has helped ease many of the nerves of potential tattoo buyers. You can read articles discussing this in the latest tattoo magazines. Tattoo art has been used, historically, for cultural identification or religious markings. Today people use their bodies as a virtual billboard for to showcase their cultural pride, hobbies, loved ones, or even for the basic reason that they may like the look of certain tattoo design and they want it replicated on their body part of choice.

A Few To Check Out

Tattoo enthusiasts have their favorite magazine. Tattoo art is a favorite topic of many, but if you are new to this type of art then make sure to pick up or check out one of these:

• Every Tattoo Magazine – This webzine or ezine has many areas to discover. Peruse their tattoo menu and find a new design, read the blogs or add your opinion, see your favorite celebrity and their tattoo, read about a tattoo experience or share yours, or read one of the many articles about tattoos.

• Stretching Canvas Magazine – This comes to you by the publishers of International Tattoo Art Magazine. See renowned tattoo artist bring their unique art to the canvas front.

• Flash Tattoo Magazine – As you flip through this large tattoo magazine, the pages will pop out at you. Even the covers are creatively done which reflects the magazine itself. This tattoo art magazine is overflowing with full color photography and artwork. You won't get bored with the needless advertising because this magazine doesn't have any. The art is submitted by those around the world so you get a chance to see the different inspired styles.

• Inked – For all the news hit this magazine. Tattoo art is a part of many lives and you can read about how the film industry and its stars have influenced the tattoo world. Read the fashion issue and read what music star Pharrell Williams has been up to.

Whether you are interested in a painted tattoo or the real deal, pick up one of these or many other magazines. Tattoo art has many facets so it is always a good idea to keep fresh and spark the creative person in you.

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