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Lowrider Art Magazines: Cruise Along For The Ride


Some may know a lowrider to be a roadster car that has its suspension hyped up, painted a funky color, and the music has one level – loud. Well, that is true, but it has taken on the newer meaning of lowrider art. Magazines depict these culturally driven artists and art in a creative way.

Lowrider art (or arte) stems from the Hispanic community. A term that, historically, may have had a negative connotation has now been embraced to show the true essence of this pulsating culture. Known for their spicy food, hot music, and flashy cars, the Hispanic culture has may more claims to fame. Lowrider art magazines help get the word out about this wonderfully creative culture and the talent that is behind this unique art form.

The lowrider artists use different mediums to showcase their art. Some choose to sketch intricate drawings of historical figures, a time in their life, a person close to them, or a familiar scene. When you read a lowrider art magazine, you will also see artists using their talents for air brushing. They will air brush certain designs on just about anything or anyone. You cannot miss a lowrider vehicle as it passes by. The art reaches out and grabs you as the hip-hop vehicle cruises by. Other artists have walking billboards that feature their talents. Lowrider art has entered the tattoo world too. Their original works of art are creatively depicted on body parts around the world.

Which Magazine To Read?

The most popular lowrider art magazine to check out is appropriately named. Lowrider Art Magazine is true to its name as the accompanying website. One gaze at these avenues and you will enter the world of lowrider art. You will be able to read articles about featured artists like: Reynaldo Alegandro Martinez and his creative crew, Goethe, David Ibarra who is better known as Bigg Shadow. Read about the young lowrider artist who produced the poster that caught the eyes of Chevrolet Europe. Or take a moment and really examine the artwork and you can gaze into the eyes of Aztec women.

The website that goes with this lowrider art magazine will link you to the virtual world of lowrider art. You can check out one of a kind masterpieces done by the Hispanic artists. Get inspiration for your next art project or automobile paint job. Read the blogs and enter your own thoughts, review the art gallery and be amazed at the different designs and mediums used.

The Hispanic culture has brought refreshing ideas to the art world. When you pick up the lowrider art magazines then you can get a better idea what drives these young artists to express themselves so boldly.

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